Rony, 39 years old, has now acquire a solid experience in night life : from disco to EDM, passing through funk, new wave, rock or pop music... 

As an evidence of his plurality, Rony has been turntablist in several venues, like holiday party places (1996-1999), official DJ form Rémi Gaillard (n'importe qui) parties, "bodéga" DJ in Nîmes and Palavas ferias, enhancer of bar ambiances in the Montpellier hot spot "place Jean Jaurès" in Montpellier centrum, famous discos (like Rockstore), or more recently in the Dax Arena with 3000 people ready to party!

But the advantage of "nomad" parties compared to any residential Djing contract is without any contest the new chalenge that a private venue represents;

To have fun and transmit his energy to the audience, it is not only a question of loving music and having the right hardware, what is important for Rony is to have the motivation and be able to "read a dance-floor". What's next? Well the rest is easy, the exchange with the audience will just amplify the good vibes, like a snow ball, and that 's where Rony finds all his pleasure!  When a DJ plays a track that is welcomed with enthusiasm by the public, it is just like a football player scoring for FC Barcelona!

Please note that, unless special recommandation from his clients, rony's interventions on the mike remain really sporadic; inviting people to move to the dinner place, relaunch the ambience before it gets down, but no invading speaking!

His playlist is at his musical culture: heteroclite, diverting but always classy. You'll be agreably surprised by his original and innovative sequences of mix, in perfect rhythmic fluidity (BPM mixed) and always irresistibly dancing![/p]