Classic Formula

The  classic formula is at the price of 1290€.
In this price are included:
- 2 PA systems : one for the party (2000w), the second for the welcoming drink ambiance (240w), wireless mikes...
- Lightning equipment: 4 x 250w moving heads, 2 x LED flowers, black guns, stroboscope, fog machine, 2000 mW RGB laser show...
- the dance floor lightning system can be dispatched on 4x 2m high truss pillars or a truss gantry of 5m long x 3m high.
- Video projector + motorized projection screen
- DJ playing until 5 in the morning, except if the venue requires an earlier hour

- low laying fog effect (carbo ice) : +80€
- 2nd PA system (for a musical reception drink for eg.)  100€
- 3rd PA system for a religious (or not) wedding ceremony +100€
- LED architectural lightning for the surrounding, tent, trees ... +80€